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If your school, office or community group is interested in hosting a presentation, please contact our office via email or at 304-529-2382. Some of the topics we cover include:


Learn about the dynamics of an abusive relationship, how the violence sometimes begins, how it progresses and how YOU can help stop it. DV 101 provides vital information on current DV statistics, issues of power and control, stalking and other related topics.

DV in the Workplace… It IS your business!

When Domestic Violence goes to work, it truly is everyone’s business. This presentation explores the warning signs of an employee in an abusive relationship and ways to be prepared to assist in meaningful ways. Find out all you can do to support your employees in crisis.

“Safe Dates”- Teen dating violence awareness

Today’s youth are bombarded by our media with violent images — often followed by anti-violence messages that may leave them confused and frustrated. Through social media platforms like Facebook, they are also more “connected” than ever before. “Safe Dates” emphasizes healthy relationships and issues of respect, boundaries and trust in dating relationships. The warning signs of an abusive teen dating relationship are explored and discussed, giving teens a better understanding of how abusive relationships begin and how they can escalate to violence.

Other topics may be provided upon request. Please call us at 304-529-2382, to inquire about availabilities.